Back by popular demand!

Christmas done and dusted and another year nearly over,one more piss up/hangover and I can get back to the more important things in life like boats and sailing.
I’ve not had a lot of spare time lately for getting much done on the new boat,but that doesn’t mean the old grey matter hasn’t been busy planning what i want to get done!
One unforeseen job has been added to the ‘to-do’ list though, I’ve got to replace all the rubbing strake. Her temporary pontoon berth is quite exposed and in blowy conditions she gets tossed about quite a lot. Despite my best efforts with fenders/old tyres etc she got a bit battered recently and most of the strakes got ripped off(along with a few fenders).
I got a good deal on some hardwood to replace them all(£19 for approx 12 metres) from a local firm, feuillus fencing who have lots listed on eBay. Good service and good quality,and although local to me he’ll send almost anywhere in the UK for a tenner.
I’ll have to get my arse in gear and get her moved round to her proper berth before she sustains any more damage,her mud berth is a lot more sheltered.
My plans for the new year include fitting 12v electrics(cabin/Nav lights etc),doing the minor gel coat repairs to the deck/cockpit,painting topsides/anti-foul,improving cabin storage,making a galley area,
(obviously) fitting the new rubbing strakes and a general clean up/service.
Not too much to get her shipshape.
Later in the year,I’m hoping to sail up to the Norfolk Broads for a week/10 day holiday. I get the distinct impression this will be a solo trip…..
Had a couple of hours free today so went down to the boat and did a bit of tidying up/tea drinking. The more i look at her,the more i know i made the right decision to change boats. I admit i had a few doubts at first,it seemed by downsizing a little bit i was taking a step backwards,but the amount of time,work and money I’ve saved myself more than compensates for the 3 feet I’ve lost.
I revived the (t)rusty old seagull today,it’s sat exposed to the elements for 7 weeks and took a bit of work to get going but once it fired up it ran a treat.
I could have happily cast off and gone for a sail up the Stour(there were quite a few others out and about) but time was getting on,and it was bitterly cold so i wimped out!
No photos this time around cos not a lot has changed!
Happy New Year to you all!