A long hard grind(and scraping and sanding)

I took this project on fully aware it wouldn’t be a quick fix, that there was a huge amount of work to do, and I’m not going to be proved wrong!

I’ve now spent a few days on board, assessing things, taking measurements and making plans(and tea!).

I tend to go down on Friday evening and stay over until Sunday afternoon( the joy of being single!).that way I get the maximum amount of hours to work on her, which is probably just as well!

I have no doubt taken on a huge project, but I feel I’m up to the challenge.

Progress so far:

All the deck has been stripped of the grp sheathing and paint.

The majority of the cockpit has been stripped back to bare steel. The coachroof cabin sides are next, and once that’s done I will make a start on the welding and reprinting.

The crusty, badly corroded sea toilet has been removed, and the heads compartment stopped out.

A lot of the interior plywood panelling has been removed, some because of rot where rainwater has got in, and some as a precautionary measure prior to welding.

There is very very little rust on the internal framework, what there is, is surface rust, no real corrosion.

As soon as the deck and coachroof are watertight, I can start to refit the interior, with a few modifications and improvements along the way, regardless of the weather. All the interior steelwork will be wire brushed and a coat of phosphoric acid applied to neutralise any rust. It will then be painted(possibly with bitumen) to hopefully prevent any future rust developing.