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A sight for sore eyes……

I was intending to carry on with the deck welding last weekend,but things didn’t go to plan. I was armed with a shiny new angle grinder, I succumbed to poverty and bought a MacAllister from b and q. £20, with a 2 year guarantee. 750w instead of the 500w predecessor. Gotta be better right? We’ll see. Needless to say,the receipt is carefully tucked away somewhere safe. Ha! Until I need it.
So there I was,armed and dangerous. But….
For best part of 3 weeks I had been suffering badly with my left eye. Constantly sore,watering and very sensitive to light.And a dull headache that refused to go away. At first I thought I had something in it and was bathing it twice a day with Optrex which brought temporary relief. I couldn’t watch TV for longer than about 10 minutes before the discomfort got too much. Suggestions were made at work that I had ‘arc-eye’ but it had begun to play up prior to doing any welding. My daughter thought it to be conjunctivitis so an appointment was made to see my GP. He examined my eyes and declared them free of infection or foreign objects,and suggested a trip to the opticians, and in particular,a test for glaucoma! Shit,cue panic mode! In common with a lot of people,going blind is my biggest fear. I had visions of an eye patch,and doing a Nelson,’ ships?I see no ships’
The other possible cause was given as temporal arteritis,an inflammation of the arteries leading to the eyes and brain( yes,I googled it!) and that was just as scary!
Anyway,couldn’t get an opticians appointment until last Sunday,so I thought it prudent to avoid welding until after I knew what was going on. After a thorough check-up, I was given the welcome news that I didn’t show any signs of glaucoma and that my problems were purely my eyes telling me that they needed help. I’ve been using ‘off the shelf’ reading glasses for a few years but hadn’t realised my distance vision was quite so bad. So,soon to be a full time four-eyes!
So,unusually,I didn’t sleep on the boat last weekend,got the crack of dawn bus down there and came back on the last bus the same day.
Spent most of the morning ‘pottering’ and resisting the almost overwhelming urge to get the welder out! And tea drinking,of course.
The afternoon was spent with cardboard templates and recycled 18mm plywood, which will eventually form part of the new galley area.
Not an entirely wasted weekend then,but not what I envisaged getting done. Sorry, no photos this time around.
And on Sunday,I managed to get a replacement angle grinder out of Argos. I found an email receipt for one of them. I had bought it via ebay,from Argos and collected in store. Yay,a minor result, although I don’t suppose it will last very long! Out of interest, they no longer do the ‘challenge’ range,the new one is packaged as ‘Argos simple value’ or something similar. Perhaps ‘ challenge’ got a bad press?