Touches of luxury.

I’m quite lucky to have the job I do. The money isn’t brilliant,well,put it this way,I’ve just had first pay rise in 3 or 4 years,and only because the minimum wage has gone up. I’m bottom of the heap when it comes to earnings,but I’ve got a job at least,and it seems fairly secure. Famous last words.
Anyway,the perks make up for it a little bit,in the past week I’ve acquired a 12/240v TV/DVD combo,and better still,a top loading 3 way fridge. Didn’t intend having TV on boat,but never look a gift horse in the mouth,eh? And I was expecting to have to make do with a 12v coolbox,so the fridge is a real bonus! Mind you,it means I’ll probably have to increase the battery bank up to 4x 110ah leisure batteries on the house side to make sure of having enough capacity. Good job they’re in reasonably plentiful supply too!
Other good news, when I bought the boat,a lot of the equipment for it was in storage a fair distance away. As yet I’ve not had the means or opportunity to collect it. The previous owner is going to arrange for a pal of his to deliver it all to me,so that’s another problem solved.
I think I’ll be like a kid at Christmas come delivery day. Amongst other things,there’s a Hasler Gibb wind vane self steering,a dinghy,lots of charts,books and magazines,various electronic kit and sundry other boat-related gear. Obviously the charts will be out of date and some of the electronics obsolete,but even so,I’m quite keen to dive in and see exactly what I’ve got!


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