I’ve reached a bit of a milestone recently,I made the final monthly payment on Vagabond2 earlier in the month,and getting the email confirmation that it was ‘paid in full’ put a huge grin on my face.
On the downside,at work we’ve recently been changed from weekly pay to monthly,so I had a 3 week period with no money coming in,which,to say the least,has been a challenge! It curtailed a lot of boat activity for a few weeks,and so I’ve not had a lot to write about.
But that’s all about to change!
The guy that runs the boatyard where Vagabond2 had lived for the past dozen years retires in April and the yard closes. He is intending doing the final batch of lift-ins/outs in October. So,I have until then to get the boat to some sort state of seaworthiness! Bloody big ‘GULP’
Can’t possibly afford to have her transported by road,so she has to go to her new home (wherever that may turn out to be!) by water.
A lot of work to do,and write about,in the next few months then.
Watch this space to see if I can rise to the challenge! As an incentive the boatyard guy has offered me free cranage if I get done in time!


3 thoughts on “Deadline!

  1. I take it the priority is now making the shell waterproof from the top and the bottom? 🙂

    There’s nothing like a deadline to make you sweat a little, but then again the interior can wait. You can always sleep in a hammock. 🙂

    • The bottom is the biggest priority,fortunately there is very little welding to do. I’m currently stripping all the old paint off,I may have a deadline but I’m still doing the job properly!

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