Bring on the stripper……







I may be slightly up against it timewise,but I’m still determined to do a good job,without too many compromises. As can be seen,I’ve made a good start in removing a few layers of paint from the hull. I want to be sure I’m not painting over potential problems. A hot air gun and a selection of scrapers are doing a fair job.In an ideal world,a sand/shot blaster would have been called in but is beyond my budget and the yard owner wouldn’t allow it,due to proximity of other boats.
As yet,I haven’t found any corrosion I didn’t already know about. At the moment,I have 6 areas to cut out and replace,none of them particularly large. Two of these are old steel through hulls,1 for the old sea toilet,and one a cockpit drain. The cockpit drains are both 2″ diameter rusty steel pipe,these will be replaced with flexible hoses and proper through hull fittings. There’s one large plate(the last pic) roughly welded on and sealed with fibreglass mat. I’ll remove this and repair(properly) whatever horrors it’s hiding. There are couple of small areas where the steel is quite heavily pitted. I think I’ll probably grind these back,rust treat them and weld plates on the inside to strengthen them.
All in all,I’m quite pleased with what I have(or haven’t) found. Most of the hull will sand back to bright steel relatively easily. I think. Hope.
Always the optimist,the other side of the hull doesn’t seem so bad,time will tell when I start to strip it.
My list of jobs I need/want to get done before launch in October.
1: Strip,repair and paint hull.
2: Install new cockpit drains and bilge pump through hull.
3: Finish repairs to deck and coachroof and paint.
4:Tidy up and re-install rudder and tiller
5: Fabricate new mast step( once measurements/templates are taken,a lunchtime project at work)
6: Fit new sump gasket and re-fit engine ancillaries, and hopefully coax engine to life!

And a 101 other small jobs,not much then!


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