I thought I had run out of storage space on board. I was wrong, but I have now!
Took delivery of all the gear for the boat yesterday afternoon,by midnight I had just about managed to find homes for everything.
I really need to organise a tip run,or possibly a skip,to clear out all the crap that’s making working/staying on the boat difficult. And yesterday’s delivery has made it harder still!
A lot of good stuff,I’ve had a cursory rummage through,and I’m chuffed to bits with what’s there. There is some stuff that’s of no use,but on the whole ,i’ve  had a right result.
Included are the following:
Hasler Gibb windvane self steering gear,in vgc.
Mainsail and jib,in excellent crisp condition
Bic Sportyak Dinghy and oars,needs cleaning but sound.
4 Gibb sheet winches
Hundreds of boat magazines from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. A lot of Practical Boat Owner included,flicked through a couple of the older ones,fascinating. Especially the prices on boat adverts!
Dozens of blocks,shackles,bottle screws etc
NASA fluxgate electronic compass.
Unused Navico electronic speed log and paddle wheel.
2 obsolete GPS systems
RDF set.
The list just goes on and on.
The self steering gear alone is worth probably half what I paid for the whole boat,so I can’t have any complaints.
Next weekend,back to the scraping,welding,grinding and sanding.And maybe a few pics.


3 thoughts on “Stuff.

    • There’s a guy in the yard that I do a bit of work for,a vastly experienced sailor,that came over for a chat while I was sorting through the stuff.He was highly impressed with the windvane and sails,And he really knows his stuff. And while I don’t see out others approval for anything I do,its nice to get positive comments from people.

  1. That looks like a useful load of kit. The wind vane steering must be worth a bob or two and is well worth having. The only thing I can see being excess baggage is the RDF set. I think all the stations are switched off now.

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