And more of the same….








10 thoughts on “And more of the same….

  1. That’s a whole lot of welding you’ve got to do there. Not sure I like the idea of welded in through-hulls, they look really dodgy, especially preventing and checking for rust inside the tube. Glad you’re cracking on and getting it done though, timescales do put the pressure on. It’s a good job you’re good at welding!

    • No more (and probably less) than I expected.I made the decision to remove the welded through-hulls right from the start, after seeing the state of the cockpit drains I think it a very wise move. I actually enjoy welding (most of the time!) but I am considering a mig welder, I can get good results with arc.but mig is cleaner, faster and easier.

  2. found this blog this morning. Life can get good just as quickly as it becomes bad. Been there and am now rejuvenating a 62 year old wooden folkboat. Bought on an overdraft and now taking up all my tiime and my new partner’s. We love it. Good luck!

    • Thank you. As I replied to a previous comment, repairing the boat is mending me! Good therapy. Good luck with the folkboat, can imagine that will be a real beauty when finished.Mine will always be a bit of an ‘ugly duckling’ but that’s part of her character.

      • Monday morning and I’ve just finished reading your blog. Wow! What an amazing journey you’re on. The folkboat is gorgeous and has been well loved throughout her life so is in remarkable nick. The only downside is the limited headroom and I seem to being inexplicably drawn to adverts for bigger and roomier boats! lol Might be an idea to learn to sail this one first!

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