Hole lotta love.

I spent Saturday with an angle grinder preparing all the areas of rot on the underside for replacement. I haven’t found any more areas needing treatment than those I already new about. I believe previously I mentioned a plate welded on and sealed around the edges with grp? Because of the time factor, I  briefly considered just tidying it up for now, but I had the grinder in my hand and bit the bullet. I’m quite glad I did. The plate was welded over 2 other (badly) welded patches. The patches were sound but there was a lot of bits with no weld. The grp ‘seal’ didn’t. As I removed it water trickled out from behind it. I’m not sure if it was rainwater that had run the outside of the hull and found its way in, or rainwater from inside the hull. Either way it wasn’t doing a lot of good and would eventually have caused more problems.
All the areas of rot can be seen in the photos,  the 3 squarish holes are where the cockpit drains and sea toilet  through hulls were welded in. The cockpit drain pipework, incidentally, crumbled on removal, so that was a right decision made!








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