Taking the piss……

I’m all for a bit of creative acquisition of stuff for the boat, via work and friends I’ve got hold of a fair bit of gear for the boat, which has enabled money to be better spent on other areas.People know my situation and are happy to help me towards my goal, and everything, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.
However, some people take this to extremes……
Another blog.that until today I followed, has, I feel, really pushed the boundaries.
They’ve published a list of equipment that they need.no, sorry, that they want people to donate. Sorry,guys, but you’re taking the piss!
The list includes: action cam(go-pro), wireless speakers (boss or b &o), tablet (samsung or ipad) and various other top-of-the-range items.
Anyone got a new Halberg-Rassy 42 going spare?
By all means ask for donations of spare gear.especially essentials like safety gear, but come on! Iridium satellite phone?Raymarine tiller pilot? How the hell do the rest of us manage without?
Sort the basics, worry about the luxuries as and when you can afford them.
In a previous blog they’re offering cruising time, at a price, fuck me, they want it all ways!


8 thoughts on “Taking the piss……

  1. On my blog I don’t advertise anything, don’t have adwords and don’t generate revenue.

    I don’t mind anyone out there donating spare kit but I draw the line at getting involved commercially. The ethos of my website is to show it can be done on a budget. I suppose attempting to get a company to donate a fully integrated nav suite, or satellite phone is one way of cheap sailing, but like you say, it does take the mick a bit.

    When I do find a nice handy bit of kit I blog about it, but at least readers can be sure there’s no ulterior motive, I’ve genuinely found that bit of kit to be useful. I’m not plugging it to keep the flow of freebies coming.

    • Likewise. The blog is there as an extension of my boating, to hopefully entertain and to share experiences. I’ve not got a problem with advertising on other blogs.a few I follow accept donations through Patreon and the like, but personally I’d rather not. What really got my back up was specifying top-end brands of equipment that to many (myself included) is a luxury. I’d love a Bose sound system at home, never mind the boat! Instead I have a small Bluetooth speaker that I picked up on offer in Sainsburys. It does the job.I may have an 11m boat but the budget is still tight, I do only earn just above national minimum wage, after all.

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