Stepping up a gear

As usual, got to boatyard Friday evening, did a bit of tidying up and bilge pumping after all the heavy rain this week.
Up and about early Saturday with the intention of finishing stripping the paint on the portside of the hull.
First up was to remove the remains of the rubbing strake, what wasn’t damaged was rotten and it came off quite easily.all the bolts holding it are badly corroded too. Between the wood and hull was a double sided tape, presumably to prevent water getting behind it. It hadn’t worked, underneath the tape is all quite rusty, but luckily only pitted in places, not holed.Fortunately, there is thicker steel framework on the inside of the hull in the area where the hull and deck meet, so the worst areas of corrosion shouldn’t have weakened it unduly.
Then the scraping began. Didn’t get a huge amount done before the heavens opened though, what a wonderful summer!
So,inside work. The original companionway steps were removed when I dismantled the galley,and lately I’ve been using a plastic crate as an inpromptu step. So,Saturday afternoon I set to with the angle grinder and welder and made a new set. They may only be temporary,I’ll see how it goes and nay re-design them. I probably could have got away with 2 treads rather than 3.
The photo shows them in place,but the treads aren’t properly secured yet,which is why one looks slightly out if kilter.



Behind the steps is where the batteries will live,as it stands the steps can either hinge upwards or by undoing one bolt,be removed completely.
I did have a slight mishap while welding the bracket on.i forgot to remove or even cover the battery over. Result: one battery exploding when a stray spark hit it. Luckily I didn’t get showered in acid. To err is human……


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