This is my story about sailing on a restricted budget.Hopefully I can prove that sailing needn’t be an expensive pastime.I will begin with the purchase of a suitable boat,the work involved in getting it up to a good safe seaworthy condition and the costs involved.
I can’t afford to throw money at it constantly,so the work I carry out will be dependant on the available cash at any given time.


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  1. Hi there.

    I very nearly bought your yacht a year or more ago. I eventually decided not to – didn’t even visit the boat – because Keith (thoroughly honest and helpful chap) went to a lot of trouble to convince me that it needed completely re-decking. Keith strongly advocated a plywood deck but, had I taken it on, I’d have been inclined to stay with steel. Condensation can be a problem with a steel deck but there are easy ways around that issue. Also, the yard owner told me he was going to increase the storage rental – but at the time he wouldn’t / couldn’t tell me by how much!

    Eventually I bought a pretty little Snapdragon (which had never been sailed or even fitted out) over at Heybridge – not much more than a stone’s throw from you. The fitting out work on mine is progressing nicely – but even on a small boat it’s a surprisingly time-consuming job, because to do it properly it mustn’t be rushed.

    Anyway, I wish you every success with yours, and remember this (the voice of experience speaking here!) – even though the light at the end of the fitting out tunnel will sometimes seem to be growing fainter instead of getting closer, persistence really does pay off and you’ll get there eventually!

    All the best and wishing you luck and every success with your ongoing refit,


    • Hi. The deck wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, replacing with ply would have been a lot more involved, and expensive, than the localised repairs I’m having to do. Keith is a top bloke, I try and keep him posted of how things are progressing and have promised him pics of the finished article.
      I keep seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s usually an express train heading my way!

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